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Tony Khan On Possible Major Changes To AEW Dark, Update On AEW Introducing Trios Titles


Tony Khan On Possible Major Changes To AEW Dark, Update On AEW Introducing Trios Titles

AEW President & CEO Tony Khan hosted a media call today and revealed that there is still talk of introducing AEW Trios Titles next year.

The idea of AEW Trios Titles was first publicly teased by Kenny Omega earlier this year during the Chris Jericho cruise. With the move AEW would join AAA, ROH and NJPW as top promotions that feature trios titles.

“Yes there is [talk of introducing the titles] but it won’t be in 2020,” Khan said (H/T to ComicBook). “If it happens, it will most likely be in 2021. I’ve been seriously thinking about it. I think there’s a lot of momentum for it, we have a lot of great trios teams.

“I would like to get through 2020, I’d like to get to Beach Break and moving towards Revolution but I definitely think it is something on my agenda. And it’s something I’ve been talking about for a long time and thinking about.”

Khan also talked about possibly making major changes to the weekly AEW Dark series, which currently airs on Tuesday nights via the AEW YouTube channel. Dark matches include AEW talents who might not be featured on TV each week, along with some regulars, going up against enhancement talents and other up & coming wrestlers that may be close to getting signed. Khan was asked about signing so many wrestlers and how he can add to the roster without eventually subtracting from the roster.

Khan brought up the COVID-19 pandemic and said there are cuts he “could have and should have made” but he made the decision not to do so. He noted that Dark has become a valuable program and he’s seriously considering splitting the show into different shows. The idea is that one would be a developmental show of sorts, and the other would feature more established stars. Khan noted that he likes who AEW has added to the roster, and he feels that it’s really important to develop stars for the future, pointing to Will Hobbs as someone who has benefited from that.