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Tony Khan comments on notepad that went viral with “leaked” Full Gear card –


On Thursday, a photo went viral on the internet of AEW CEO and President Tony Khan holding what appeared to a notepad containing scribbled notes in pencil for the card of the November Full Gear PPV.

Khan appeared on Friday’s episode of Busted Open Radio and confirmed the picture was indeed legit, but did not confirm that would be the final card for Full Gear.

“This weekend when I was at the Jags game at halftime, I was doodling on my notebook… I saw that a lot of people had taken notice some of the notes in my notebook, which is pretty amazing, because when you’re walking around with small notes you never think that photographers are going to capture writing you’ve written down…People run with assumptions on the internet these days, and I’ve seen all these people jumping to conclusions like ‘oh that must be the full Full Gear card…I was just kind of messing around with different ideas, playing around with stuff…I was just very amused by that viral story.”