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Thunder Rosa Talks About Her Rumored Feud With Ivelisse


Thunder Rosa Talks About Her Rumored Feud With Ivelisse

Former NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa appeared on Busted Open Radio this week. She talked about AEW, the NWA, WWE rumors, and more.

Some highlights from the Interview on Siruis XM of when she was asked about her match a few months ago with Ivelisse.

Thunder Rosa was asked by Bully Ray: 

“I know what I saw with my own eyes. Talk to me about you and Ivelisse’s in-ring relationship and how you can work together despite the fact that you might not be the best of friends?”

Thunder Rosa responded

“You know, I never had any issues with her. I want to put that out there. I worked with her in Lucha Underground. I worked with her in other promotions. I thought the match was going well and then you guys saw what you saw. We made it work. We finished and nobody got hurt. To me, that’s the most important part. You have to make it work and that’s what I attempted to do even until the finish.

I made sure my opponent was safe at all times no matter what happened in between. My promise with anybody I step in the ring, regardless of our relationship, is to keep my opponent safe. This is not MMA. They are not paying me a bunch of money to kill you. This is a dance and I try to have the best dance possible. That’s what happened.”

Rosa was asked by Dave LaGreca 

“Do you feel like if you are in the ring with somebody that you might not like that the aggression that you have for one another might be able to turn into good business?”

Her response

“I mean if you work it well, yea, I don’t see why not. But I think you have to, especially if you want to milk it and make some money. I think sometimes people take things too personal and they would rather go and talk and bash people.

I’m not going to give you a politically correct answer. I’m just going to tell you the truth. I am a professional. I showed it in the ring. You saw it in the match. I have nothing bad to say about this person.

If the other person decides to go and bash me on social media, that’s their prerogative, not mine. I do business very differently and that’s the reason why people respect me as a person, as a wrestler, and as a woman.

Whatever happened, happened. Maybe I’ll go back to AEW and then you have to still see each other and be respectful. It is what it is. Even when I have issues with people, I try to squash it and move on.

I’m trying to make my money. I’m trying to go places. It’s just going to look bad when I try to go to a bigger company because they will be like, why are we going to hire this person if this person is beefing with people?”

Seems like there is some legit heat between the two. It would be interesting to hear from Ivelisse on all of this.