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This Product is Really Cheesy!


Bill Goldberg’s recent radio interview on 93.7FM The Ticket provided some interesting insight into his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The WWE Hall of Fame legend revealed that he has had discussions with AEW in the past, but he made it clear that he is not a fan of their product.

During the interview, Goldberg didn’t hold back in expressing his opinion. He described AEW’s product as “too cheesy” and suggested that it doesn’t deserve the same recognition as other wrestling organizations. Goldberg went on to mention that he would only consider joining AEW if there was a comparable competitor that he could align himself with without compromising his values.

While Goldberg’s comments may disappoint some fans who were hoping to see him in AEW, it’s refreshing to hear such candid and honest feedback from a wrestling legend. It’s evident that Goldberg values integrity and reputation above all else, and he isn’t willing to compromise his principles for the sake of a paycheck.

If you’re curious to hear Goldberg’s full interview, be sure to check out the YouTube player embedded below. And a big thank you to for transcribing the key quotes from the interview.

In conclusion, it seems unlikely that we’ll see Bill Goldberg making a surprise appearance in AEW anytime soon. But his thoughts on the company offer a unique perspective on the wrestling industry and serve as a reminder of the importance of staying true to oneself.