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Things are not looking good for Aleister Black, some wrestlers planning their exit from WWE


Things are not looking good for Aleister Black, some wrestlers planning their exit from WWE

Aleister Black hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since losing matches on three consecutive weeks to Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw in late September and early October.

Prior to those losses, Black was off TV for a few months after losing to Seth Rollins and now he appears to have been taken out of WWE storylines again.

Ringside News reported this week that Black’s name is “never mentioned” in the creative meetings and it has nothing to do with an injury because he is cleared to wrestle.

Dave Meltzer reported last month on Wrestling Observer Radio that Black’s persona non-grata status predates his wife Zelina Vega’s firing so it looks like her departure has nothing to do with his current status. It looks more like Black is the victim of circumstance because he was due to a push when Paul Heyman was the Executive Director of Raw but things changed when Heyman was removed from his position. Heyman, at one point, considered Black as someone who could beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and Heyman’s idea was to protect Black so he could be seen as a top star heading into WrestleMania earlier this year. reported a few weeks about wrestlers on the roster being unhappy with Bruce Prichard because many wrestlers are on the sidelines and storylines are not being pitched for them. We are told that some wrestlers are already planning their exit when their contracts expire in 2021. Some realize that WWE is their only option to make big money because AEW won’t be interested since they are not looking to sign every ex-WWE star. Others are looking at AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Impact Wrestling as options in 2021.