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The Young Bucks talk greatest tag team of all-time, biggest challenge of being AEW Executive Vice Presidents


The Young Bucks talk greatest tag team of all-time, biggest challenge of being AEW Executive Vice Presidents

The Young Bucks recently made an appearance on The Chris Van Vliet Show podcast to discuss a wide range of topics.

During the interview, Nick Jackson talked about how he has a goal of being remembered as the greatest tag team in the business. This led to the follow-up question of who they consider the best tag team of all-time right now.

“It’s Matt and Jeff Hardy. They’re the greatest ever. There’s so many ways that you measure that and I know that we say it’s an opinion but at the same time this is a box office business and Matt and Jeff Hardy are the biggest box office tag team act in the history of the business. Could we ever reach those numbers that they hit? I don’t know because it’s a different time now,” said Matt Jackson.

He continued by talking about the ratings were different in the Attitude Era as the business was at an all-time high. He noted that some people compare them to The Hardys and he thinks that a crazy accomplishment.

“The one thing we have on them is we haven’t split up and they’ve had a few angles where they had to split up,” Nick said. “So we just have to stick together and if we do, I think that’s an accomplishment in itself. Just being a tag team that never split up ever.”

In addition to being the AEW Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks also serve as Executive Vice Presidents in the promotion. They were also asked the biggest change of that role.

Nick stated that he never thought they would be doing something like this on a weekly basis so he has to pinch himself every week before they go live as it feels like a dream.

“The hard part is the job and keeping everyone happy because you don’t even really realize it until you get into management that’s it’s hard to keep a lot of these wrestlers on the same page. Because obviously there’s a lot of egos in wrestling and you want the wrestlers to be happy and that’s something that’s hard but it’s manageable and we’ve learned that you can’t always be the good guy so at some points you have to be the bad guy.”

The following highlights were also sent to us:

Do they pay attention to the ratings?

Matt Jackson: “Our fans, I’ve learned, are very loyal to us and no matter what is on we still have a good base and they’re always going to watch at this point now that we’re a little over a year in. But yeah, we definitely pay attention to everything. You have to pay attention to everything because everything is competition.”

On balancing storylines and in-ring wrestling on Dynamite:

Matt Jackson: “It’s constantly trying to come up with compelling, interesting television that also will get a rating. And sometimes those two don’t go together. Sometimes you have to make a sacrifice a week or two and do something that maybe people won’t be compelled by or gravitate to immediately but maybe in four to six weeks they’ll go ‘oh!’ and then they’ll get it and it will then create a bigger rating. But that’s difficult, especially in wrestling. So that’s been a challenge having interesting storylines that normal people are interested in watching because sometimes we’ll maybe overcomplicate something or try to make it a little too complex and sometimes wrestling fans just kind of want to watch wrestling.”