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The Great Khali Participants In Protests With Indian Farmers (Videos)


The Great Khali Participants In Protests With Indian Farmers (Videos)

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali made headlines in India this week after joining the farmers’ protests at the Tikri border on Tuesday, according to and other outlets.

The protests are being held against agriculture reforms called the “black” farm laws. Khali encouraged the people of India to support farmers in the country. Farmers have been protesting farm bills at various locations around Delhi, receiving support from citizens and some celebrities, including Khali. The next round of talks was scheduled for today.

Khali took to Instagram and posted a few videos of himself participating in the protest. In one video he explained the losses that farmers are dealing with, and appealed to the government to roll back the legislation. Khali declared that the farmers will not return back until their demands were met, and that they were given at least 6 months worth of rations.

Khali has also received a significant amount of social media attention for standing with the farmers. One supporter commented that Khali’s involvement is bad news for Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah.

Khali left WWE in 2014 after his contract expired. He returned in 2017 for a few brief appearances in a storyline with then-WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. He also appeared in the Greatest Royal Rumble Match in April 2018 from Saudi Arabia. Khali opened his Continental Wrestling Entertainment school in 2015 after leaving WWE, and continues to run the school.

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