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The Godfather Reveals Details Of Undertaker’s “Final Farewell” Invite-Only Gathering


The Godfather Reveals Details Of Undertaker’s “Final Farewell” Invite-Only Gathering

WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather has revealed details of the invite-only gathering that took place a night before The Undertaker’s “Final Farewell” at last Sunday’s Survivor Series pay-per-view event.

The Godfather, a member of Taker’s WWE traveling crew, the Bone Street Krew [BSK], told Sports Illustrated that the gathering was attended by fellow BSK members Savio Vega, Rikishi, and Henry and Phineas Godwinn, as well as close friends Booker T and longtime WWE official Tim White.

He revealed that BSK planned to catch up the minute they learned of WWE’s plans for the 34th annual Survivor Series.

“When WWE invited me to the Survivor Series tribute for Mark, I texted him right away and said, ‘Let’s do a BSK reunion,'” said The Godfather. “We paid homage to Mark Calaway and the phenom that he created with The Undertaker.”

The gettogether between the old buddies took place at their hotel’s lounge and bar. The Godfather made it clear that “no food was served” and the guests were treated to only whiskey and beer.

“For that one night, the past came back to life,” he said. “If you didn’t know any better, it felt like it was 20 years ago. We told stories, we hugged, we cried—and we put Timmy White to bed, just like we used to back in the day.”

The Godfather, who recently took to Instagram to post a picture from the private celebration, said it was a night that he will cherish forever.

“Mark is honest, he respects the business and he never forgets about his friends. He changed the business, especially for big men. He’s one of a kind. All of us that could be there on Saturday were there, and we had a hell of a night. I’ll remember it forever.”

The Godfather was also among the many WWE legends that appeared at Survivor Series before Undertaker bid goodbye to the WWE Universe.