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Taya Valkyrie And Rose Mary Name Their Team, Swoggle Proved He Belongs


Taya Valkyrie And Rose Mary Name Their Team, Swoggle Proved He Belongs

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling Turning Point was an eventful show that featured multiple title changes. IMPACT’s Twitter account offers some of the stars’ reactions to the show and its fallout.

First, Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie are excited for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament. ” I know that we’re gonna do so good in this tag tournament because we need to be the first ever Knockouts 2020 tag champions,” said Valkyrie.

Rosemary seemed confident in the duo’s chances of success, and she seemingly named their team, too. “And what mortals here can stand against the force of Ragnarok?” Rosemary asked.

Then, the Good Brothers won the IMPACT Tag Team Championship and celebrated the victory. “Man, it’s still real to us.,” said Karl Anderson. We love winning tag team titles trust me. IWGP championships, New York tag team championships, multiple times, it’s still real to us.”

Gallows added a bold statement about the Good Brothers’ place in pro wrestling. “I said it before, I’ll say it again, Gallows and Gun is the best tag team there has ever been,” said Gallows.

In a Tweet, Anderson admitted that he may have gone overboard with his celebration in the ring.

After Willie Mack lost to Moose on Saturday night, he remains determined to come out on the winning side of their rivalry. “There’s something different about [Moose] this time, going in, is a change,” said Mack. “But that’s not gonna stop me, that’s not gonna stop me, Moose, from coming at you. So this Tuesday, I’m asking for a No DQ match on IMPACT, so that means I’m gonna do whatever it takes to put you down in the ground because you’ve changed, and it’s not for the good.”

In a subsequent Tweet, Moose seemed to accept the challenge and declared that he will use Mack as a message to IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Rich Swann.

Finally, Brian Myers defeated Swoggle at IMPACT Turning Point, but he wasn’t exactly happy after his victory. “Turning Point, huge event here for IMPACT Wrestling, and you got me out there with Swoggle,” said Myers. “Swoggle? That’s embarrassing. And then some weird, old clown comes and jumps me. Why can’t just a guy in trunks and boots step up to the plate and face the most professional wrestler?”

Myers vowed that he’d keep fighting anyone who stood in this way. “But if these freaks, they wanna keep getting in my business, then I’m gonna keep handing out these beatdowns all day long,” said Myers.

On the other hand, Swoggle felt validated by his performance.

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