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Stalker arrested at the home of WWE star Paige


Stalker arrested at the home of WWE star Paige

A stalker was apprehended today at the home of Paige and boyfriend Ronnie Radke.

Radke shared a photo of police on the scene to arrest the person and he tweeted, “a stalker had the audacity to come to my door, got his ass handed to him until police arrived and saved the day. I will f***ing kill you. Please don’t make me kill you.”

Paige also tweeted, “Scariest thing ever. He told us symbols led him to us. But Ronnie got him in a hold until police got there. Wtf is wrong with people… thank god Ronnie is around to protect our house. Jesus.”

Thankfully everything turned out fine for them. This is the second stalker case related to a WWE star in the last couple of months.

Back in August, Sonya Deville had a stalker break into her home in Florida. Mandy Rose was in the house with her and thankfully, both of them were not harmed. Deville has since taken time away from WWE to deal with the legal case.