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Spoiler news on Daniel Bryan’s next feud after Jey Uso


Spoiler news on Daniel Bryan’s next feud after Jey Uso

Last week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Jey Uso brutally attacked Daniel Bryan at the end of the show. The attack continued after the show and Uso cemented heel turn as he has officially joined Roman Reigns in his growing stable that is expected to include Jimmy Uso when he is cleared to wrestle.

The angle that took place last week is meant to set up Uso vs. Bryan and most likely after the Survivor Series pay-per-view but there are bigger plans for Bryan after his feud with Uso. Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Reigns vs. Bryan is the planned direction for the Universal Championship.

It’s not clear when the Bryan-Reigns feud will officially kick off but since Reigns will be wrestling in the champion vs. champion match at Survivor Series against Randy Orton, then it means that it won’t be until at least December (if not January at the Royal Rumble) that we’ll see Bryan challenging for the Universal Championship.

WWE has a problem with lack of depth on the babyface side on SmackDown so it’s not clear what the direction is for Reigns after the Bryan and heading into WrestleMania. They have Kevin Owens on the babyface side but he has cooled off since over the last few months. Big E is being pushed as a singles star but he wasn’t on the show last week. Another name that could be pushed as a top babyface star is Chad Gable and there are signs behind the scenes that things could be turning around for Gable.

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