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Serena Deeb Discusses The Future Of AEW And NWA Working Together


Serena Deeb Discusses The Future Of AEW And NWA Working Together

NWA Women’s World Champion Serena Deeb defeated Allysin Kay on last night’s AEW Full Gear: The Buy In. Deeb joined the post-show media scrum to discuss how she sees the women’s divisions in AEW and NWA working together going forward.

“If you think back on pro wrestling, in the territory days, people were just swapping around, traveling here, working there, and working with different people,” Deeb said. “When wrestling became really monopolized, it became separated, and I think to the detriment of the fans. ‘So-and-so is here, so-and-so is there, you can’t see that match.’ As understandable as it is, this partnership between NWA and AEW is super powerful, and I think it’s going to change wrestling. From a women’s standpoint, I’m really excited about it.

“I think the AEW women’s roster is really growing, and it has so much potential. With people coming in from the outside — when you’re in wrestling, it only helps you to wrestle other people, other women, and other men. It just helps you the more you get in the ring with different people. You become a more well-rounded wrestler. I think with this partnership and different women coming in, and different women going elsewhere, it’s going to benefit everybody. I think the fans are really excited about it, too, and it keeps it very interesting.”

As noted, Kay — a former NWA Women’s World Champion herself — announced she was a free agent earlier this week, then showed up for AEW over the weekend. After Deeb defeated Kay, Thunder Rosa — the woman Deeb just beat for the title — came out to let Deeb know she wanted a rematch down the road.

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