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Ryback comments on why he publicly criticizes WWE


Ryback comments on why he publicly criticizes WWE

Ryback has been giving honest takes about WWE and various topics related to the company since he left the promotion a few years ago.

Over the weekend, Ryback commented on why he criticizes the company in a public manner.  According to the former WWE star, he thinks Vince McMahon lives in fear and will go up in flames for his own insecurities that were brought on by his father.

“The frustration @vincemcmahon has lived is empowering people, but through his evil ways they always leave him. If he learned to empower and love talents fully they would always love back. Vince is living in fear and going up in flames for his own insecurities due to his father.”

The reason for him being outspoken is due to them not helping him with his injuries, going after his name and more.

“Bingo. Company has betrayed me from the start and never once offered to help with the problems they were responsible for, but I fixed it. They’ve suppressed my Social media and forcing me to spend lots of cash for a trademark they only renewed because it was being awarded to me.”

We noted back in September that Ryback is in a legal battle with WWE over trademark rights to his name. When he left WWE, he legally changed his name from Ryan Reeves to Ryback Reeves so he could have the rights to it.

Ryback also responded to other fans about being vocal about the company.