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Roman Reigns attacked Jey Uso on WWE Friday Night SmackDown


Roman Reigns attacked Jey Uso on WWE Friday Night SmackDown

In the main event of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Kevin Owens and Otis faced WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. Earlier in the show during an interview segment, Roman Reigns accepted when Owens issued the challenge for the Universal Title at WWE TLC.

Reigns never walked out so Uso had to wrestle in a 1 vs. 2 handicap match. Reigns finally made his way to the ring about 5 minutes into the match. Instead of tagging in, Reigns just got in the ring and charged at Otis with a Superman punch and brutal steel steps assault. Corey Graves said all of this was legal because Reigna and Otis were the illegal men in the match.

A cheapshot from behind and a superkick from Uso were enough to finish Owens. Uso was going to win the match with a splash off the top but Owens insisted on tagging in. The hesitation from Uso gave Owens time to hit a stunner on Uso but Reigns locked in a guillotine on Owens and the referee called for the disqualification.

Reigns and Uso took turns with chairshots to Owens’ body. Uso then did the Uso splash off the top onto a chair that was on Owen’s body. Reigns then attacked Uso and yelled about him always having to repeat himself.

Both Ownes and Uso were laid out as Reigns trash-talked. He promised to take Owens’ livelihood at WWE TLC.

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