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ROH Episode 477 Recap: Brody King Vs. Dalton Castle, Dak Draper & Brian Johnson In Action


ROH Episode 477 Recap: Brody King Vs. Dalton Castle, Dak Draper & Brian Johnson In Action

Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package.

Highlights are shown of ROH Tag Team Champion Jonathan Gresham defeating Tracy Williams to win the ROH Pure Championship.

A video package is shown on Dak Draper and Brian Johnson.

Brian Johnson and Dak Draper make their entrances. 

Pure Rules Match: Dak Draper vs. Brian Johnson

Johnson strikes Draper in the face. The referee warns him, as he will be disqualified if he does that again. Johnson drives his shoulder into Draper in the corner. Draper eventually drives his shoulder into Johnson from the ring apron. Draper pins Johnson for a two count with a Sunset Flip roll up. Johnson rolls Draper up for a two count of his own. Draper rolls Johnson up for another two count. Johnson gets another two count with a Crucifix on Draper. Draper gets Johnson up to his feet with a waist-lock. Johnson reverses it into a waist-lock of his own on Draper rolls backward for another pin attempt and another two count.

Draper gets Johnson up into a Fireman’s Carry position. Johnson elbows the side of the head of Draper. Johnson drops down to the apron. Johnson clotheslines Draper from the apron. Johnson hits a Splash into the ring on Draper from the apron. Johnson attempts to pin Draper but the referee sees him using his feet on the ropes for leverage. Johnson hits a Modifed Neckbreaker on Draper. Johnson pins Draper for a two count as Draper gets his foot on the ropes. Draper goes for a Back Suplex, Johnson flips out of it. Draper gets Johnson up on his shoulders again. Draper slams Johnson forward into the mat. Draper pins Johnson for the win.

Winner: Dak Draper

A video package is shown on Brody King and Dalton Castle.

Brody King and Dalton Castle make their entrances. 

Brody King vs. Dalton Castle

They lock up. King backs Castle to the ropes. King pushes Castle to the corner. They lock up. King backs Castle to the corner again. King kicks Castle in the midsection. Castle eventually elbows the back of King several times. King hits a Modified Sidewalk Slam on Castle. King pins castle for a two count. Castle strikes King in the face. King catches the arm of Castle ad he attempts to strike him again. Castle elbows King in the face. Castle runs towards King, King catches Castle with a waist-lock. King hits a German Suplex on Castle. King clotheslines Castle. King hits a Piledriver on Castle. King pins Castle for the win.

Winner: Brody King

They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.