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Rocky Romero Teases TalkNShopAMania Will Be “Worse”, Reveals Match On The Show


Rocky Romero Teases TalkNShopAMania Will Be “Worse”, Reveals Match On The Show

NJPW star Rocky Romero recently sat down with Managing Editor Nick Hausman on The Daily podcast where they discussed all things Talk’N Shop. Romero is one third of the Talk’N Shop podcast along with The Good Brothers, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. The podcast has grown to the point where “The Worst PPV Ever” was created in Talk’N Shop A Mania. Romero reflected on the first show and teased that the second show will be “worse”.

“Well, the first one was a mega surprise to how much people enjoyed it and the reaction to it overall,” Romero admitted. “We just weren’t really expecting that, and it was pretty amazing because we put a lot of work into it. We put our own money, own time, our own sweat [and] our own blood into that thing. There was no backing from like a major company or anything like that. It’s just three of us, so we really took a big risk, and to have it payoff and especially put it out there and actually have people that enjoyed it, felt great. Number two, I think it’s gonna be worse.”

The first Talk’N Shop A Mania was headlined by “The Boneryard Match”, and Talk’N Shop A Mania 2: Rise Of The Torturer will be headlined with a “Ball For A Ball Match”. Romero revealed on The Daily another marquee match for Talk’N Shop A Mania.

“I’ll give you a scoop. I hear that Chico El Luchador and Chavo Guerrero are going to mix it up in a rematch, and it’s a Lucha Libre Deathmatch,” Romero revealed. “And I’ll give you a little extra. I’ve been told that Talk’N Shop A Mania 2 is going to be so big it’s going to be in multiple locations. That’s all I can tell you, possibly multiple cities.”

The Good Brothers will also be hosting their own variety show for AXS TV. Romero was asked if he will be involved in the show in any way.

“I’m going to be the third wheel on it, but they’re doing the heavy lifting. I’m just helping out as a third wheel as a co-host, but it’s pretty much them that are doing this thing,” Romero revealed. “But I will be there in support. I will be on camera. I will be hanging out. Hope to be more of like the Andy [Richter] to Conan [O’Brien].”

Romero also revealed another project that the Talk’N Shop crew are working on. He talked about a new animated series called “The Gimmicks” where they will spoof wrestlers and storylines going on today.

“So we’ll be a part of that, and then something that we’re all working on is this animated series called ‘The Gimmicks’ that’s going straight to Instagram, YouTube and it’s also going out on our own personal Instagram’s,” Romero said. “It’s @therealgimmicks on Twitter [and] Instagram, and it’s the three of us playing Sex Ferguson, Chico El Luchador [and] Chad 2 Badd. We’ve got Enzo that’s a part of it and Lisa Ann as well.

“We’re working with the production company that’s called ToonStar, and what they do is basically, they have this crazy technology so that they’re able to turn around this animation in like a matter of days. A series like this that would probably take months to do like we just started it four weeks ago, and we’re already like rolling. So like we’re putting out little pieces like you saw kind of spoofing some of the major stars in professional wrestling. And then we’re dropping the character pieces now.

“Chad 2 Badd just dropped one, and then we’ll actually get to the story here in a couple of weeks, but it’s going to be like really fun and we can be topical which is cool because of the technology that they have. So basically anything that happens on RAW on a Monday, by the next week on our show, we can have something kind of spoofing it and having fun with it. So really unique kind of fun thing we can add in almost SNL like.”

Hausman pointed out that it would be difficult to parody something that is already a parody in reference to RETRIBUTION and their backstage reactions and the overall reception they have received. Romero said that it only gives them more material to work with, and he acknowledged that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to be more creative noting that he would be in Japan right now. He also noted that Talk’N Shop A Mania only became a reality due to Gallows and Anderson’s WWE releases.

“It just gives us more material to have fun with for Talk’N Shop A Mania,” Romero noted. “I’m glad because it really does give us some fun stuff to play with for Talk’N Shop A Mania and ‘The Gimmicks’. It’s an exciting time for the three of us and Talk’N Shop because we do have a ton of projects that we’re working on, and this is another thing, like if it wasn’t for this pandemic, I would be in Japan.

“I’d be working a ton in Japan. I wouldn’t have the time to work on this extra stuff. The podcast probably wouldn’t have blown up the way that it has. If the guys didn’t get let go, there would have been no Talk’N Shop A Mania. So I mean it’s crazy how 2020 has worked out and how it just continues to just be an insane ride, and I think we just want to be a part of that ride, especially when it comes to Talk’N Shop A Mania.

“I mean we weren’t planning on doing the next one so soon, but it just feels like it’s just the right time to do it, and we got to make people laugh because the world is crazy right now. So I feel like that’s our goal.”

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