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Ricardo Rodriguez Comments On Leaving WWE On Bad Terms, More


Ricardo Rodriguez Comments On Leaving WWE On Bad Terms, More

During a recent interview with VOC Nation’s Talkin’ Sass, Ricardo Rodriguez commented on leaving WWE on bad terms, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how he started in wrestling: “I started backyard wrestling here in LA right after high school… I found these guys here who had a ring and they had backyard wrestling shows, and I joined them. We were imitating exactly what we saw at the time on Impact move for move. But they had a boxing ring but we didn’t know any difference. Boxing rings are very different than wrestling rings; boxing rings are very stiff. They don’t have any spring in them. We learned how to bump, how to roll, all that stuff in a boxing ring.”

On being noticed by WWE: “One thing that I noticed – and obviously this is just an opinion – but it seemed like if you had a big online following – a social media following – you had an upper hand as far as getting noticed. Everything now is social media… It was all because of Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder was the whole reason why they were so into social media. I’m sure it would of happened eventually; but it was because of Zack Ryder and what he did online…he got himself over.”

On his thoughts on what it takes to be a success in wrestling: “I used to work in the adult industry behind the scenes. I had to deal with a lot of people; you have to learn to be social – to deal with clients, to call (other companies), whatever – so you learn to socialize. That helped out (getting into) wrestling because you (have to) socialize. Once I got out there I got to meet promoters, meet other wrestlers, meet different people and you have to network. So that helped out. It was all just the confidence. It’s all the idea of faking it until you make it, and that’s what I did when I got signed with the WWE.”

On working his first WrestleMania: “My first Wrestlemania was very special at the Georgia Dome. One year prior we were in Arizona for Wrestlemania and I worked 2 shows for Dragon Gate USA…. A year later I was in Wrestlemania and in one of the main events. So that was always pretty cool, and I got to be with Edge… What got me into American pro wrestling was the TLC match at Wrestlemania 17 with the Hardy Boys, the Dudey’s, and Edge and Christian. That’s what got me into American pro wrestling. So to have my first Wrestlemania moment with Edge and Christian was amazing.”

On his bump at TLC in 2011: “They had a camera up on top that had the downward view. It turns out I missed the first table and all my weight came down on the second table (but) my knee clipped the first table. I remember that night I was rooming with Mason Ryan…he kept telling me that I was moaning in pain because my knee was swollen as (heck). I couldn’t walk straight for a good two weeks…but looking back it was fun… I think that was the highest reacted bump out of the whole show.”

On working as a male manager: “At the time, the other managers for the most part were female, and for the most part the women are never going to get hit by the men – especially in WWE; on the independents it’s different – The other top heel was Vicky (Guerrero) at the time, and she would never get (hit) by one of the males. So I was that guy that would get punched and kicked. So it was kind of cool…I got to take some pretty good finishers from people that I grew up watching.”

On taking a 619 from Rey Mysterio: “I grew up in lucha libre and I knew who Rey (Mysterio) was my entire life. To have our first feud with Rey was awesome. To take the 619 almost every night was awesome. I’ve taken one from (other folks) before but they pull back. Rey doesn’t pull back he just swings his legs. Another thing that Rey has that nobody else has are knee braces, and those things hurt!… I took it face first and his knee brace caught me right in the face.”

On parting with WWE on bad terms: “I didn’t leave (WWE) on good terms because I was very angry and bitter when I went and asked for my release. I wasn’t happy being there, and I know I said a lot of (stuff) I shouldn’t have. I regret how I said things. I don’t necessarily take back much of what I said because a lot of people that left after I did said a lot of the same things. But I regret how I said things. I should have taken a different approach… I was angry, I was upset, I had a substance abuse problem, there’s a whole lot of things that went into it… If the opportunity presents itself (to work behind the scenes) I would jump on it immediately.”