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RetroMania Wrestling Video Game Release Date Revealed


RetroMania Wrestling Video Game Release Date Revealed

There will be a sequel to the WWE arcade game t, and that game is RetroMania. The game is set for release early next year on February 26, 2021.

has announced that the game will release on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4, and X-Box One. Next generation console fans will be able to enjoy the game as well, as the current gen version will be compatible with the next-gen systems.

The game is not affiliated with WWE at all but is still considered to be a sequel to the WWF game. Check that out below, along with the official tweet.

The current roster includes:

  • Legion of Doom
  • Tommy Dreamer
  • Colt Cabana
  • The Blue Meanie
  • Stevie Richards
  • Matt Cardona
  • Brian Myers
  • Johnny Retro
  • Nikita Koloff
  • Warhouse
  • Austin Idol
  • Chris Bey
  • Jeff Cobb
  • Zack Sabre Jr.

There are over 50 match variations that can be made thanks to the extensive customization features. Multiple entrance animations come with each superstar and the game will support 2-8 player online play. More content as far as wrestlers, entrances, game modes, and more will be made available via future DLC.

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