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REPORT: USA Network very upset with WWE over declining ratings, network wants more adult content


REPORT: USA Network very upset with WWE over declining ratings, network wants more adult content

It has been a tough year for WWE because of the restrictions put on them because of the pandemic but now their biggest challenge is figuring out how to bounce back after Monday Night Raw delivered all-time record low ratings for the USA Network this week.

As we noted here on, Vince McMahon wants out-of-the box ideas that could help boost the ratings for the show. There is unhappiness behind the scenes and talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy is reporting that the people at “USA Network are furious.” McCarthy’s source also stated, “They want more adult content. Not sexy adult, but dark and violent adult.”

This isn’t the first time that USA Network has asked the company for a more adult product. Back in 2019, USA suggested for the company to revert back and pick up some of the Attitude Era aspects that helped WWE draw record ratings in the late 90s and early 2000s. The result was a third hour that was more “edgy” but that idea only lasted a few weeks. Paul Heyman was eventually brought in to try to fix things and his plan was to build new stars with the idea being that the ratings would not increase right away but in the long-run, the brand would get stronger and they would have developed stars that fans would tune in to see. That only lasted less than a year and Heyman was removed from his duties earlier this year.

McCarthy’s source also said that there is hope that the Royal Rumble can act as a “big reset” for the company. Another thing that WWE can look forward to is the end of the NFL season. Monday Night Football wraps up in a couple of weeks and that is usually when Raw ratings tend to go up.

Ratings usually drop during the holiday season so they have a couple of weeks to figure things out. It’s clear that a complete overhaul is needed but what has been presented is what McMahon wants and things are written to please him so it remains to be seen how much will actually change. If things continue to get worse, McMahon may be forced to finally make some real changes.