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Rapper Bad Bunny Pays Tribute To Booker T With New Song


Rapper Bad Bunny Pays Tribute To Booker T With New Song

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny paid tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Booker T on his latest album with a track named after the pro wrestling legend.

Bad Bunny’s “El Último Tour Del Mundo” album was released on Thanksgiving and features the “Booker T” single halfway through.

The song includes a verse that translates to, “I’m at my peak/And I’m going to keep being MVP/I’m a king, champion, Booker T…”

Bunny ended the song with Booker’s signature catchphrase, “Can you dig it, sucka?”

Booker told The Houston Chronicle that Bad Bunny is a fan, and reached out directly.

“He was one of the kids growing up that was doing the Spinnarooni and scissor kicking somebody,” Booker said. “That’s what was so cool about it, it was organic. He was a fan of mine, I’m a fan of the new generation. It just lets me know where I’ve gone in my career and how many people I’ve touched along the way. I might not know all the words, but I feel the vibe and I definitely dig the record.”

Above is the music video for the “Booker T” single, which already has 6,113,200 views on YouTube in just four days.

Bad Bunny featured WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin in the music video for his “¿Quién Tu Eres?” single in December 2019, as noted at this link.