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Quinn McKay Says She’s Tired Of Some Fans “Completely Dismissing The Women’s Division In ROH”


Quinn McKay Says She’s Tired Of Some Fans “Completely Dismissing The Women’s Division In ROH”

Yesterday, ROH interviewer and host of Week-By-Week Quinn McKay commented on Twitter about the negative perception some fans have over the current state of the ROH women’s division. Back in 2017, the promotion established the ROH Women of Honor Championship, eventually holding a tournament to determine the inaugural champion. Sumie Sakai won the title, defeating Kelly Klein in the finals.

As time went on, Klein won the title on three occasions, but last November had falling out the company as she felt they didn’t have a proper concussion protocol after sustaining multiple during her tenure there. Last December, COO Joe Koff spoke about the company’s protocol here. It also came out that Klein asked for a pay raise in 2019 to $24,000 annually, but was denied that request.

Once Klein’s contract wasn’t renewed, the title was deactivated in January of this year. The title was changed to the ROH Women’s World Championship in February, and a tournament was planned for April to crown a new champ. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, putting plans to a halt. ROH restarted TV tapings in August, but the women’s division has yet to make much of an appearance.

“People are on this huge ‘restore honor’ kick and give zero f—s about the one division that needs it the most,” McKay wrote, later providing a clarification. “I want to clarify that this is about fans by and large completely dismissing the women’s division in ROH. I’m tired of it. We have things in store. Just wait instead of hate.”

Responded to a fan, McKay felt like ROH will turn the division around, fans just needs to instill some trust before that happens.

“Look at what ROH did with the PURE tournament,” McKay responded. “It was perfect. I just wish people would trust us with this, too.”

Earlier today, McKay continued her thoughts in a series of tweets:

“I’m going to say this about my tweet yesterday, and then I’m not going to say anything else about it: it’s hard for something to succeed when it seems like an overwhelming amount of people are hoping for it to fail just to prove a point. Even if you claim that the ire is inspired by mismanagement, shouldn’t you want the division to succeed in spite of that fact? The ROH women’s division boasts a seven time world champion in Angelina Love. We have SUMIE SAKAI! Maria Manic! And ROH is always signing new talent.

“A pandemic stopped everything in its tracks, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a master plan. You have to remember that we can only film so many episodes at a time, and trying to do it as safely as possible. Ultimately, you’re entitled to your opinion, but consider this: Wrestling Twitter got #givedivasachance off the ground for the same reasons people claim to dislike the women’s division in ROH now.

“So if that’s really what it is, and it isn’t just that people want ROH to be a boys club, then you should really be bringing that same energy. And if you aren’t the kind of person that’s calling for ROH to cancel its women’s division completely, don’t get worked up by this tweet. This obviously doesn’t apply to you.”