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Possible Role For The Mystery Man From WWE NXT Segment With Boa


Possible Role For The Mystery Man From WWE NXT Segment With Boa

One of the hot topics coming out of last night’s WWE NXT episode is the segment with Raquel Gonzalez and Boa.

Gonzalez was scheduled to face Xia Li after Li called her out the previous week. Boa came to the ring instead and announced that Li was not there, and that the match could not happen. He apologized and went to leave the ring, but was attacked from behind by Gonzalez. Gonzalez then proceeded to brutalize Boa in and around the ring, manhandling him and tossing him into the Plexiglas barrier.

After the beating, Gonzalez made her exit and Boa was left alone to recover in the ring. Bizarre red lights, with an apparent Dragon design mixed in with them, then began to display around the Capitol Wrestling Center as a mysterious figure came down the ramp. The Chinese man stopped at ringside, where an apologetic Boa was now waiting on his knees.

The mystery man presented Boa with an envelope, and marked his hand with ink, in what WWE referred to as a “cryptic fashion.” Boa clutched the envelope in one hand, and used his other hand to grab his wrist. He continued to bow as the mystery man turned and walked away.

There’s no word yet on where this storyline is going, but one reader sent word that the ink written on Boa’s hand is a Chinese symbol for “strength” or “power.” This has not been confirmed or commented on by WWE.

Regarding the mystery man, Boa re-tweeted a video from the segment and wrote, “ShiFu [folded hands emoji]”

ShiFu is Chinese for a master or teacher, and can also represent a skillful person or a teacher-student relationship. This could be a sign that the mystery man is going to be revealed as Boa and Xi’s master from China in the storylines.

Li has not commented on last night’s storyline development as of this writing, but you can see related tweets from Boa and Gonzalez below.

Stay tuned for updates.