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PJ Black Out Of Action After Falling Down Stairs


PJ Black Out Of Action After Falling Down Stairs

“The Darewolf” PJ Black (fka Justin Gabriel in WWE) is currently out of action with injuries.

Black revealed on Instagram that he recently fell down some stairs and suffered the injuries. He did not go into injury specifics, but jokingly blamed the fall on the full moon from this past weekend.

Black noted in his Instagram post that while he’s suffered a few minor injuries over the years, he never had a broken bone or needed surgery up until 5 years ago. Since then he’s broken both legs multiple times, broken his ring finger, and suffered other incidents, including two base-jumping accidents.

Black is currently signed to ROH and has been there since 2018. He worked the main event of last Friday’s NJPW Strong 15 show, which was Night 1 of the New Japan Showdown. That match, taped back in the summer, saw Black lose to Tama Tonga.

There is no word yet on when Black will be back in the ring, but it looks like he has a long road ahead of him. You can see his full Instagram post below, which includes several graphic photos & videos from the hospital:

“I fell down some stairs (full moon). Injuries suck. But they are necessary apparently. Up until 5 years ago I’ve never broken a bone or had surgery. Never even been stung by a bee! Fast forward to today.. Broken both legs multiple times, 33 screws and a few plates (Titanium and Steel. 2 different continents.) in my legs and ring finger. A few NDE’s (Near Death Experience) later here I am rethinking life/death. Not because I got hurt; the avatar will heal; because death is an illusion. I’ve been able to experience many of my past lives even in Atlantis! This is surreal to me since I was raised Christian and we were taught that reincarnation isn’t real. I’ve since read copious amounts of books on this subject (if any1 has any good ones or need recs just ask). And if all those “lives” were hallucinations; then so is this one! The last 5 years have been the worst years of my life but at the same time the best thing to ever happen to me. #growth — Aslo f–k 2020,” he wrote.