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Photo: Dana Brooke Called Out For Improper Mask Usage In Public


Photo: Dana Brooke Called Out For Improper Mask Usage In Public

WWE Superstar Dana Brooke has been called out by fans on social media for improper use of a facemask while in public.

After last week’s Thanksgiving holiday, Brooke posted a series of pictures on her Instagram account in which she and her boyfriend, Ulysses Diaz, were seen handing out cartons of supplies during a charity event.

While Diaz was not wearing a mask at all, Brooke’s mask was not covering her nose.

In her Instagram post, Brooke wrote, “Happy Thanksgiving! I am beyond Grateful for so much this year! I know most say 2020 has been a difficult year, but this has shown me & my family how blessed we are to have things & fortunate to be able to give back! I look back over this year & I am beyond thankful for everyone I have met in my life that have made me a better person! #happythanksgivng #appreciation #community #communitywork #november.”

One of the fans responded with, “Just some friendly advice, if you’re gonna wear a face mask make sure you keep your nose covered as well.”

Another fan wrote, “please be safe and wear your mask properly (over your nose and mouth).”

As seen in the video above, Brooke defeated RETRIBUTION member Reckoning during last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

Check out Dana’s Instagram post below: