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Photo: Brock Lesnar Spotted With A New Look


Photo: Brock Lesnar Spotted With A New Look

Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar has been spotted with a new look. Lesnar, who appears to be a sporting a biker-style goatee, posed for a picture with a fan in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where The Beast Incarnate goes for his annual fall hunting trip in Cypress Hills.

The picture, which can be seen below, was uploaded a reddit user.

Lesnar holds dual citizenship of the U.S. and Canada and owns a farmland in Saskatchewan, Canada. Currently a free agent, Lesnar hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36.

Paul Heyman recently told Ariel Helwani of ESPN that Lesnar doesn’t miss being away from either the squared circle or the octagon.

“Right now, he’s very happy being a farmer and a magnificent father to his children,” said Heyman. “However, if there’s something that WWE can offer that intrigues, motivates, or inspires Lesnar, and if the money is right and the business is solid, I’m sure he would be willing to do it.”