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PHOTO: Brock Lesnar changes up his look


PHOTO: Brock Lesnar changes up his look

Brock Lesnar apparently decided to change up his look.

A photo has made the rounds of the former WWE Champion spotted with a new beard. The image first appeared on Reddit. The picture is of him with a fan in Alberta. Check it out here:

For those who may not know, Lesnar holds dual citizenship of the United States and Canada and owns farmland in Saskatchewan, Canada.

A few months ago it was revealed that Lesnar is no longer under contract with WWE after his contract expired back in April. The only reason people found out about his status with the company was due to WWE pulling his merchandise from the Shop website.

Lesnar hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36.

When news of his status with WWE first came out, there was speculation as to what his future holds. Some thought he could go to AEW while others believed he was considering an MMA return.

UFC President Dana White has claimed that he hasn’t heard from the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. The belief is that Lesnar will return to WWE once the company can hold shows with fans again.

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