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Paul Wight to portray ‘Captain Insano’ in AEW


In a recent appearance on The Rob Brown Show, current AEW star Paul Wight revealed that he will be portraying ‘Captain Insano’ in AEW. Wight also noted that Tony Khan has secured the rights to the ‘Captain Insano’ character, almost one full year after AEW filed to trademark the name.

In the 1998 hit film “The Waterboy”, Wight appeared as professional wrestler ‘Captain Insano.’

Wight also said during the interview he is getting a wardrobe together with comic books design artist Max Dunbar, who has helped draw the outfit up for ‘Captain Insano.’ Wight further noted that “before you know it, ‘Captain Insano’s’ going to be running wild in AEW dude.”

Wight also discussed his legacy in the professional wrestling business.

You can watch the entire interview below:

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