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Paul Heyman Puts Over Bianca Belair As The “Future” Of WWE


Paul Heyman Puts Over Bianca Belair As The “Future” Of WWE

On this past Friday’s SmackDown, WWE began a feud between WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley and Bianca Belair. Aside from trading verbal shots about each other’s performance on Team SmackDown at last weekend’s Survivor Series, Belair mistakenly punched Bayley (while she was on commentary) during her match against Natalya.

An angered champion later attempted to get in the ring, but Belair ended up booting Natalya into her, knocking Bayley back to the floor. The two continued continued their back and forth on social media after SmackDown finished up.

Belair then appeared on Talking Smack to talk about wanting to prove herself as the new kid on the block, and maybe Bayley feels threatened by her presence. Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman co-hosted the show, and Heyman gave big praise to Belair about being the future of WWE.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t also let Bianca know — and I think she knows this, quite well — you’re the future of this division,” Heyman said to Belair. “And that’s a word that’s thrown around a lot here, ‘Oh, I’m the future this’ — but you are. You are an athlete with amazing credentials, you bring those credentials and credibility to WWE.

“And what you do is truly worth of the tagline: ‘The EST of WWE.’ I am in awe of the magnitude of your talents. You know my feelings about The Street Profits. Those same feelings are bestowed upon you, too.”

You can see Belair’s Talking Smack appearance in the video above.