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Nyla Rose Wants To Become “Nyla Two Belts”, & More


Nyla Rose Wants To Become “Nyla Two Belts”, & More

During a recent interview with Daily DDT, Nyla Rose commented on trying to become ‘Nyla Two Belts’ by winning the AEW and the NWA Women’s titles, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what a second AEW Women’s title reign would be like: “For myself, it would be like it has been the last few weeks, except now I’m in control because I’m the champion. I know the landscape, I know how to walk. I’ve got Vickie in my corner. It would be a lot easier and a lot more fun.”

On her pairing with Vickie Guerrero: “She’s on top of things. Two minds are greater than one. Two pairs of eyes on the prize. Two minds and two personalities. Vickie picks up on things that I may be missing or overlooking, especially with her history and her expertise. She’s able to fine-tune me, if you will. There’s strength in numbers. Vickie has been around wrestling for her whole life. She knows her stuff, she knows the in and outs.”

On wanting to face Serena Deeb: “She’s elevated herself. She’s got a title…I want it. First step is Shida, next step is getting that NWA title. I’d be ‘Nyla Two Belts’”.