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Nyla Rose Reveals Who She Gets Advice From In AEW, More


Nyla Rose Reveals Who She Gets Advice From In AEW, More

During a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Nyla Rose commented on who she gets advice from in AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On who she gets advice from in AEW: “I try to go to everybody. I’m probably the most annoying backstage for probably the right reasons. If I see anybody back there that I know I can grab a few seconds of their time – Shawn Spears, Dean Malenko – if I can find Dean, I’m definitely asking him something. Jericho – incredible mind, he always has something to say and I’m like ‘Don’t be nice to me, pick it apart.’ That’s the only way I’m gonna fine-tune. Dustin [Rhodes] for sure – he’s a big one I go to almost immediately. But anybody I can see, I’m big in their ear.”

On non-AEW wrestlers working in the women’s division: “Another way to look at it is there is no outside. We have a strong foundation in the indies as it were – that’s kind of the birthplace of AEW is having those fingers in the local companies. That’s where we were born. So, to that extent, the indies are like our cousins. We have those outside people, they’re our cousins, and we’re all one family – the wrestling family. It’s just the AEW household.”

On her ideas for the AEW women’s division: “I’d kick all the boys off the show for a night. I’d give them a little vacation – order some edible arrangements or something and have them go sit in catering and let them watch how the women do it. We’d take over for the night. Secondly, I’d probably melt down those medals Diamante and Ivelisse have and get some nice titles.”

On the biggest lesson she’s learned in AEW: “The one thing I think I’ve learned is you don’t know – you don’t know it all. There’s so much more about this business than just what happens in the ring. It definitely opened my mind to all the aspects of what professional wrestling really is.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)