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NXT Superstar Robert Stone and his wife to open gym in Baldwin Park, FL


WOLF FOX 35 in Orlando is reporting that WWE NXT star Robert Stone and his wife Tara Strauss are opening a new gym in Baldwin Park, Florida.

Baldwin Park is a neighborhood in Orlando with a population of 6,200.

According to FOX 35, Stone and his wife, Tara, moved to Orlando in 2019 after he started working for WWE.

“She introduced me to it,” Robert said. “I tried it and I fell in love with it because it’s just a positive atmosphere, especially with all the negativity going on right now in the world.”

“It’s functional training, which means that the movement we do in the class mimics what we do in our everyday life,” Tara Strauss said.

Even though the couple is just getting started, their business has already been impacted by the pandemic.

“It’s definitely been a different adventure than we expected, but at the same time I think it’s been better, in a lot of ways, as well,” Tara Strauss said.  However, it as noted that Stone’s work with WWE is helping bridge the gap.

“Orlando is very much about family and culture,” Tara Strauss said. “We’ve learned that in a very short amount of time. So, I do believe who he is and his affiliation with the WWE, it lays out a foundation of trust that allows us to make connections in the community.” Tara Strauss said. 

Tara is also one of the coaches at the gym, which uses technology to help you keep up with your workout. The gym is built around 45 minute workouts.

F45 Baldwin Park is set to open on Saturday, February 13.

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