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NXT Superstar Rik Boogz makes his main roster debut on WWE SmackDown


During Friday night’s episode of WWE SmackDown on FOX, NXT Superstar Rik Boogz (Eric Bugenhagen) make his main roster debut.

Boogz came out with his electric guitar and interrupted King Corbin’s pre-match promo, declaring he came out to rock with the real King of Friday Night SmackDown – Shinsuke Nakamura. It was then that Nakamura came out while Boogz played his electric guitar as Nakamura was wearing King Corbin’s crown that he stole during last week’s episode.

Nakamura defeated King Corbin by pinfall, as Boogz played his guitar at times, even on top of the announce table. 

Boogz made his WWE debut on the October 19, 2017 episode of WWE NXT Live as Ric Boog, losing to Lars Sullivan.

WWE had changed the spelling the Boogz name to Bugez. However, he noted Friday night in his promo that Boogz is the correct spelling.

Boogz played the role of Old Spice Representative Joseph Average in the vignettes for Old Spice’s WrestleMania 37 sponsorship ads.

In case you missed some of, or all of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, be sure to check out Roy Nemer’s full recap. 

You can check out the video from WWE’s YouTube Channel with Rik Boogz’ SmackDown debut above.

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