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Note On Announcers Not Acknowledging Unmasked Mia Yim On WWE Raw


Note On Announcers Not Acknowledging Unmasked Mia Yim On WWE Raw

RETRIBUTION member Reckoning [Mia Yim] made her in-ring debut against Dana Brooke on last night’s Monday Night Raw and it seemed like things didn’t go as planned. Barely a few seconds into the match, Reckoning’s mask fell off as Brooke appeared to swipe it off her face.

Brooke then defeated Reckoning within three minutes of the match via a roll-up. After the loss, Brooke was given a dressing down by RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali, who yelled, “There is no failure in RETRIBUTION!”

Interestingly, the Raw announcers didn’t acknowledge Reckoning to be Mia Yim, who was a part of the WWE NXT roster for nearly two years.

According to Dave Meltzer on the recent Wrestling Observer Radio, the main roster announcers have been specifically told not to mention the NXT names of RETRIBUTION members. Although most fans already know the identities of RETRIBUTION members, WWE’s thought process is that their previous stints in NXT is irrelevant since they are now on the main roster as part of a vigilante stable.

Meanwhile, RETRIBUTION member Slapjack also made his singles debut on Raw and picked up a win over Ricochet.