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NJPW’s Rocky Romero confirms he has had talks with AEW’s Tony Khan


NJPW’s Rocky Romero confirms he has had talks with AEW’s Tony Khan

During the latest episode of Talk’N Shop, Rocky Romero addressed Dave Meltzer’s report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter about his talks with AEW’s Tony Khan.

Things appear to be better these days between AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling now that Harold Meij is no longer with NJPW but Rocky Romero is downplaying his talks with Tony Khan.

Romero said, “I guess Meltzer is reporting that me and Tony Khan are having calls all the time like every week, which is not true.”

Karl Anderson asked Romero if that is what Meltzer actually reported. Romero said, “That’s what he reported I guess in the Observer. I woke up to a bunch of f**king tweets today saying, ‘Meltzer reports on the Observer that Rocky Romero and Tony Khan have been having talks weekly about AEW and New Japan.'”

Romero continued, “I am not talking to Tony weekly. I mean I’ve talked to Tony in the past, of course.” Anderson said, “Well, that was a shady answer.” Romero responded, “That’s not shady.”

Anderson then asked, “When did Meltzer report this?” and Romero confirmed that he was talking about the recent Observer. Romero then said “no” that he had not spoken to Tony Khan but then said, “I talked to Tony maybe a month ago, maybe more.”

Anderson said that Meltzer “is not completely lying” and Romero agreed but said, “he’s selling something and trying to make it seem something – he’s trying to get clicks.”

For the record, this is what was said in the latest Observer: “Khan has been speaking to Rocky Romero regularly of late to try and open doors to New Japan, feeling the odds are better to do something with Harold Meij gone.”

It should also be noted that there have been some NJPW teases as of late on AEW shows. The latest tease was on Wednesday when Kenny Omega did Kazuchika Okada’s rainmaker pose.

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