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NJPW Super J-Cup Tournament Bracket Revealed


NJPW Super J-Cup Tournament Bracket Revealed

It was announced earlier this week by NJPW that the Super J-Cup Tournament will be returning next month on December 12th.

Eight Junior Heavyweights including last year’s winner from different promotions around America and Japan vie for the winner’s golden jacket.

Today NJPW revealed the brackets for the tournament. Here is the bracket:

Clark Connors vs Chris Bey:

Preview (via NJPW) – NJPW fans will be getting a look at IMPACT Wrestling’s young sensation Chris Bey for the first time in Super J-Cup 2020, and his mettle will be tested by an NJPW grown Young Lion in Clark Connors. Connors will look to ground Bey’s high flying style and use the same explosive strikes and Boston Crab submission that secured him victory in the Lion’s Break Crown on NJPW STRONG; in his second Super J-Cup, can Connors break through to the second round, or will Bey make the bigger impact?


Preview (via NJPW) – ACH and TJP have gotten to know one another pretty well in recent weeks on NJPW STRONG, having teamed with one another on a regular basis. Add in their similar career paths, from NJPW to WWE and back, and this should be a fascinating match to see. The two have wrestled one another on the independent scene once earlier in the year, with TJP getting the edge, but with the stakes so very high in this rematch, will ACH make good on his claim of ‘taking all I deserve’, or will the Fil-Am Flash advance?