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Nia Jax puts her trust in God, no plans to take the COVID-19 vaccine


Nia Jax puts her trust in God, no plans to take the COVID-19 vaccine

Nia Jax is one of the more outspoken WWE Superstars on social media and her thoughts are not limited to what is going on during WWE shows.

Jax is taking some heat and praise for her comments about the COVID-19 vaccine. She took to Instagram today and posted,

“The Covid Vaccine is 90% effective after 8 months of development, when the flu vaccine is 40% effective after 70 years of development. I’ll go with my immune system, as it’s 99.9% effective.”

She added, “God made my immune system and I trust him the most.”

According to WebMD, the flu vaccine is 40% effective, meaning that it has prevented the illness 40% of the time. The effectiveness has varied from year to year with numbers ranging from 10% in 2004-05 and as high as 60% in 2010-11. The big difference between the flu and the coronavirus is that the coronavirus is much more contagious and the death toll dwarfs that of the flu.

According to Pfizer’s early data, their coronavirus vaccine has been shown to be more than 90% effective. Moderna says their vaccine has been shown to be 94.5% effective.

Jax is not alone with her thoughts on vaccines. Recent polls have shown that Americans have become increasingly skeptical about getting the coronavirus vaccine.

Jax took some heat last week from fans when she apparently liked NXT referee Drake Wertz’s Instagram post supporting Donald Trump.