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New WWE United States Champion Crowned on Raw, Damian Priest turns heel


Finn Báor is your new WWE United States Champion.

Bálor won the title on Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw in Columbus, Ohio, by defeating Damian Priest by a clean pinfall, after hitting Priest with the Coup de Grace. After the match Priest cut a heel promo, and then attacked Bálor, and launched him onto the commentary table.

This is Bálor’s first reign with the WWE United States Champion. Priest defeated Sheamus at SummerSlam last August. He held the Championship for 191 days.

Below is the excerpt from Mike Tedesco’s Raw recap of the post match heel turn for Priest.

Priest gets in the ring with a microphone. Priest says these people carried Bálor to win his United States Championship. The crowd boos Priest. Priest asks Bálor if he hears the motivation and respect. Priest says he never got that throughout his reign and was successful in spite of them. Priest says he’ll win that championship back. All the love and motivation won’t mean a damn thing.

Bálor gets in his face, so Priest turns away. Priest then clotheslines Bálor down. Priest throws Bálor out of the ring and follows him out. Priest then hits a Crucifix Bomb onto the commentary table! Priest walks off to boos from the crowd.

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