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New stable forms on last night’s Dynamite, attacks The Inner Circle


During Wednesday night’s Revolution fall episode of Dynamite live on TNT saw The Inner Circle hold a war council meeting.

After Chris Jericho and MJF failed to capture the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Revolution, Jericho said some changes were coming to make the group stronger. As the group discussed the next move, Sammy Guevera showed up to reveal video with MJF telling Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz that it’s time to remove Jericho from leadership of the Inner Circle.

The following is taken from Josh Boutwell’s recap of Wednesday Night’s show:

The Inner Circle comes out down to the ring for their “War Council.” Chris Jericho says that when an army has to change their strategy they hold a war council. Jericho says that the Inner Circle has been on a decline in the last few weeks but that can be remedied. Jericho says it is time for a new look or a new strategy or even a new member.

MJF cuts Jericho off and says they don’t need a new member and instead they should probably let someone go. Sammy Guevara’s music interrupts them and he makes his way onto the stage. Jericho says he never wanted to hear Sammy again but Sammy stops him and says that he knows Jericho is mad at him but he needs him to see something.

Jericho says that Sammy is dead to them but Sammy tells him to just listen to him after everything they have been through. A video appears on the screen of Sammy setting up a hidden camera in a room. It fast forwards to MJF walking in and revealing that he, PNP and Hager have been conspiring to “cut the head off the snake” and give Jericho a dirtnap.

MJF says he didn’t want Jericho to find out this way but then tells the other guys to “get him.” They surround Jericho but then all turn around and look at MJF. Jericho asks MJF if he really thinks they all don’t talk to each other every day and says they were just waiting for him to hang himself. Jericho says that since he is the one that brought him into the group he will take him out and shoves him down.

Jericho officially kicks MJF out of the group and MJF starts fake crying and says that he never wanted to take over the Inner Circle because he has been busy building his own army. The lights go out and when they come back on Wardlow, FTR, Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard appear in the ring behind the Inner Circle.

Dax breaks a bottle over Jake Hager’s face and then Shawn Spears Curb Stomps Sammy into a chair and Wardlow takes Jericho out. FTR handcuffs PNP together and then hit Spike Piledrivers on them as Tully jumps off the top and spikes them. Wardlow holds Jericho so MJF can hit him with his ring. MJF grabs Jericho’s bat and hits him with it. Jericho is busted open. FTR drags Jericho onto the stage and Wardlow Powerbombs him off the stage!