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Mysterious WWE NXT Storyline Continues With Bizarre Vignette Featuring Xia Li And Boa (Video)


Mysterious WWE NXT Storyline Continues With Bizarre Vignette Featuring Xia Li And Boa (Video)

The bizarre storyline with Xia Li and Boa continued on this week’s WWE NXT episode with a new vignette.

The vignette opened with Li and Boa undergoing an intense training session of some kind, with their ShiFu master ordering to keep submerging themselves in a water tank while the mystery woman looked on from her chair.

Li began crying but continued to dunk herself into the water as she was ordered by the master. This went on until the mystery woman lifted her hand, signaling for the master to stop the activity. The vignette then cut to Xia and Boa bowing in front of the mystery woman. They were told to stand up by the master and as they stood to bow for the woman, the ShiFu master directed two people off-camera in the shadows to hit them over the backs with kendo sticks. Li and Boa went down from the kendo stick shots, and that ended the vignette.

This segment came after last week’s vignette that had Li and Boa driven to a warehouse where the mystery woman was introduced. They repeatedly apologized for failing and begged for just one more chance to prove they can win.

WWE billed this week’s segment as Xia and Boa “paying the price for falling short” and noted that this was the “most brutal chapter yet in the mysterious saga” surrounding the two Chinese Superstars.

There is still no word yet on who the mystery woman is, but it’s rumored to be Japanese wrestling veteran Meiko Satomura. It was announced back in late October that the former Mae Young Classic competitor had been hired to work for the NXT UK brand as a coach and in-ring talent. There’s also fan speculation that this could be Chinese NXT Superstar Karen Q, who teamed with Li several times in 2019. Q is still recovering from a broken leg suffered in July 2019, but resumed in-ring training in September.

Boa and Xia have not commented on last night’s segment, or the other recent segments, as of this writing, but Xia did re-tweet two posts on last night.

Stay tuned for updates on the Xia – Boa storyline. You can see this week’s vignette above.