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More details on what has been said about Cody and Brandi Rhodes, AEW and WWE


Below are more details regarding Cody and Brandi Rhodes departure from AEW, courtesy of Fightful.

According to AEW sources, many in the company had known that Cody and Brandi Rhodes were likely on their way out, and several didn’t think that a re-signing was going to happen. Numerous people inside and outside the company had knowledge of the situation, and were of the belief that Cody was leaving the company. However, inquiries started to come to Cody directly over the weekend, which he claimed were spun.

Shortly before the announcement of Cody and Brandi’s departure, WWE officials were said to be aware of the situation and also knew that an announcement would be dropped. There was said the two sides have at the least had discussions, but WWE was well aware that an announcement regarding Rhodes’ departure would be made at 10:00am EST, which was on February 15, 2022.

About 15 minutes before Cody’s announcement, it was said that word had also spread to AEW talent that Cody and Brandi were leaving the company.

The locker room began talking last Wednesday, when the couple was not seen in Atlantic City for AEW Dynamite. Many talent were suspicious that Cody Rhodes’ entire contract situation was a work, with a lot of questions regarding the legitimacy. However, talent then came to realize that the situation was real.

AEW sources were said some had reached out to Cody over the weekend, but the situation was downplayed, and he even said that word of him leaving was suspicious, and that he was simply negotiating. Those that had spoken to Cody say that he claimed that he “loved working with AEW and Tony Khan.” There are several production employees in AEW who were partial to working with Cody, as he went to bat for them.

As of this report there is no confirmation that Rhodes to the Top would be returning for a second season, despite asking WarnerMedia, AEW and TNT numerous times. Those that were spoken to in AEW have not seen any filming for the program . Rhodes to the Top has not been canceled, and there are still ongoing discussions regarding the future. A Shot Of Brandi is being actively pitched and shopped, which Brandi will retain the rights to. Brandi Rhodes plans on continuing to pursue in-ring wrestling, as she was spotted training at the Nightmare Factory following news of their departure.

The hours following Cody and Brandi Rhodes’ departure from AEW, more wrestlers were talking. It was said that plenty in AEW knew throughout the weekend ahead of Monday’s announcement that something was up, but almost nobody would state what was going on between AEW and Cody Rhodes. There were mixed feelings and a lot of emotions on both sides of things as Rhodes has been seen as polarizing on and off the screen. There was plenty of support for the Rhodes’ within AEW. It was being said that even though there were some disagreements, the split was “amicable.”

There were some positive stories of Cody doing things for the roster, like setting up a bar at Daily’s Place. Others said that his tumultuous relationships over the past couple of years had been a detriment. With the dozens of talent and staff spoken to, there was still some skepticism regarding the situation, but almost everyone was of the belief that Tony Khan would not work his own talent regarding this situation as Cody was seen as a “player’s manager.” It was said that Tony Khan did not openly discuss contact matters backstage, to their knowledge.

At the AEW Dynamite tapings, things were said to be “business as usual,” with one person noting that it was a reminder that this is pro wrestling and life goes on. Those that we spoke to said that nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and they don’t expect AEW to try to ignore or erase the existence of Cody Rhodes.

It was noted that Cody Rhodes has not signed with WWE as of yet, and until something like that happens, a new deal with AEW could always be reached.

The report noted that in WWE locker room, the prevailing belief is that Cody Rhodes fell out of power in AEW and wanted a significant raise. However, it should be noted that neither AEW officials or the Rhodes’ have mentioned that yet. There was said to be excitement and shock among those in WWE, including several top stars that ready to welcome Cody Rhodes back to WWE with open arms. One top name was said that they think it will be great for fans, and considers it the most interesting thing in the company in a long time. Another top name pointed out that a lot of people on the WWE roster came up with Cody and spent a lot of time with him, and are excited at the idea of him returning. No one in WWE were said to have not heard from WWE that Cody has reached a deal as of yet.