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More details on the passing of Pat Patterson


More details on the passing of Pat Patterson

News broke on Wednesday that WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson had passed away at the age of 79. At the time of the news, there weren’t many details on what caused his death as WWE first reported the wrestling icon had left this world.

Dave Meltzer gave some additional details in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. When Patterson attended the funeral for WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson earlier this year, those who saw him were saddened by noticing that his dementia had gotten worse. He had been fighting bladder cancer for several years and in months leading up to his death was in bad shape to the point where he had moved to an assisted living arrangement.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was “pretty much confined” to his place in South Florida instead of going to Montreal for the summer like he used to do.

Sylvain Grenier was very close with Patterson to the point where Grenier had power-of-attorney for Patterson. The former WWE star visited Patterson last month and became concerned after seeing Patterson had lost around 60 pounds. This led to him getting Patterson to go to the hospital. Once undergoing tests, a tumor on his lung was discovered.

Patterson had been scheduled for a biopsy on Friday in order to find out whether the tumor was cancerous, but that didn’t happen.

Back on November 27th, Patterson was rushed to a hospital when he suffered a blood clot in his liver. It was also said that the tumor had also begun to spread. Patterson was said to be “out of it” when Grenier later came back to visit Patterson while he was in the hospital.

The legendary wrestler passed away in the South Beach hospital at around 1:15 am on Wednesday and it was ruled due to liver failure. It should be noted that he likely had cancer, which led to his other health problems.

Mick Foley remembered Patterson in a heartfelt article that he shared on his Facebook page.

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