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MJF mentions WWE Senior Vice President Bruce Pritchard on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite –


During Wednesday night’s Dynamite on TNT, MJF mentioned WWE Senior Vice President Bruce Pritchard in his promo in which he said he deserves to be World Champion.

Below is the excerpt from last night’s Dynamite with MJF from Josh Boutwell’s Dynamite recap below:

MJF comes out to Tony Schiavone’s annoyance. MJF says he wants AEW to be successful and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen but only as long as he is given what he deserves. MJF says that AEW keeps building more and more momentum and there are several young men that have helped build AEW in the future. He calls Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin and MJF the pillars of AEW and says he beat the others.

MJF says without him AEW “ain’t shit” and he deserves to be World Champion. MJF says that Tony Khan is in his Top 2 of “Khans in professional wrestling” but if Khan doesn’t give him what his wants he will pull out his good friend Bruce Prichard’s phone number and call him up.

Darby Allin interrupts MJF and MJF makes fun of his “school shooter mime on a skateboard” routine. Allin tells MJF to shutup and tells him to leave if he wants to go somewhere else and gets what he wants and no one would care. Allin says he is AEW until death and reminds MJF that he’s the only one of the two to have won a championship in AEW.

MJF makes fun of Allin’s “Batman voice” and then talks about Allin being straight edge and asks if anyone knows why he is straight edge. MJF talks about his drunk uncle getting in a car accident with Allin in the car and the fact that his uncle died. MJF says it’s a travesty because the wrong man died that night. Allin says that MJF can’t break him and then asks what MJF is going to do now and MJF gets pissed and leaves as Punk on commentary says that the bully doesn’t know what to do when someone stands up to him.