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Matt Riddle files motion to dismiss Samantha Tavel lawsuit against him


Matt Riddle files motion to dismiss Samantha Tavel lawsuit against him

Samantha Tavel, better known as Candy Cartwright, filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Matt Riddle, Gabe Sapolsky, EVOLVE, and WWE.

WWE attempted to get the lawsuit moved from municipal to federal court last month. They also had to send consent forms from Riddle, Gabe Sapolsky, and WWN owner Salem Hamaoui for this to happen. WWE was successful in that attempt.

Tavel filed the lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court on October 8th. This is where she alleged that Riddle began sexually assaulting her in April 2017 in a parking lot following an EVOLVE event and Riddle bragged about it to Sapolsky.

Regarding WWE, she alleges that she had dates with the company and EVOLVE booked. Riddle forced her to perform sexual acts or she would lose the bookings if she didn’t. She also alleged that Riddle told the promotions that he didn’t want her working with them and  she was told “issues with talent” was the reason why she was not booked. reports Riddle filed a motion on December 3rd with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division to get the lawsuit dismissed.

The motion claims that her lawsuit fails to establish the Circuit Court of Cook County has jurisdiction over him in addition to the allegations also failing to meet federal pleading requirements.

He argues that he doesn’t live in Illinois so he can’t fall under their jurisdiction and the lawsuit fails to claim that his “allegedly tortious activities were purposefully directed at residents of the forum” because she also has never been a resident of Illinois.

Riddle argues the allegations against him should be thrown out as they’re not strong enough under Illinois law to move beyond speculation.

The filing notes, “Mr. Riddle believes [The April 2017] allegation refers to a consensual sexual encounter the couple had in a car on or about April 23, 2017 in New York City after an Evolve event. Mr. Riddle was not in Illinois in April 2017 and did not purposefully direct his activities at any Illinois residents in April 2017.”

Regarding the 2018 incident in which Tavel alleges Riddle forced her to perform oral sex on him by choking her, it was stated that videographer Joseph M. Ranta transported numerous performers from the venue to their hotel in Michigan.

An affidavit from Ranta was presented along with GPS records being filed into evidence. The attorney mentioned that no facts were presented that tie these alleged injuries to Illinois.

WWE has argued that Riddle was not under contract with them at the time in addition to them having no involvement in the EVOLVE events that weekend.