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Matt Jackson Gives Injury Update, Says Top Flight “Killed It” In AEW Dynamite Match


Matt Jackson Gives Injury Update, Says Top Flight “Killed It” In AEW Dynamite Match

The Daily welcomed AEW World Tag Team Champion The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, onto a recent episode of the podcast where they and Managing Editor Nick Hausman chatted about The Young Bucks’ memoir “Killing The Business: From Backyards To The Big Leagues”. Matt gave an update to his injury admitting that he’s feeling “the best I’ve felt since I got injured.”

“I think we’re just taking precautionary measures,” Matt said. “I feel good all things considered. This is probably the best I’ve felt since I got injured whenever it was. I believe I got the MRI late August. Last night man, I felt great. I think we just came off a really tough match. We went 30 minutes. It was brutal.

“I think that was just the medical team kind of stepping in going, ‘Hey guys, that match was three days ago. Let’s ease into this,’ and sometimes that’s good because they have to protect us from ourselves because if it was my choice, I’d be wrestling 30 minutes every single day [and] having matches like that every day. We’re a big investment to this company, and we have to be able to go out there and perform matches like we did last night.

“People are counting on us. So I’m appreciative of it. I’m glad people stepped, but I feel wonderful, especially being in there last night with a 19 and 21 year old. I’m 35 now, and I’m still able to do that style, and I feel good doing it. All things considered, even this morning, I’m not even that sore. I’m ready to keep going.”

Matt also talked about their recent match against Top Flight on Dynamite. Hausman brought up the parallels between The Young Bucks and Top Flight, and Matt agreed comparing it to their time in TNA against the Motor City Machine Guns.

“You’re right, and Nick made this mention yesterday. It felt like ten years ago back when we were TNA, and we were making our big TV debut against the Motor City Machine Guns, but we swapped positions,” Matt noted. “And now we were in the Motor City Machine Guns role, and then these guys are the new Young Bucks. So it felt good to kind of relive that in, and they killed it.”

Nick discussed why they decided now was the right time to write their first autobiography. He said he and Matt joked that the timing was terrible because of how busy they were, but he noted that since Harper Collins contacted them to write a book, they couldn’t turn the offer down.

“Matt and I joke about it. We think the timing was actually terrible because of how busy our our schedules have been, and it was pretty much when we were creating AEW, so it was almost impossible, but we found time in weird ways,” Nick explained. “Matt likes to say, when he was dropping his kids off at school or waiting for them to be picked up, he’d be writing a chapter, or we’d be on the airplane writing, and the funny thing is we did it all on our phones.

“So that probably made it even harder. Like Matt always says, it was a labor of love, but we had to do it, and we weren’t going to turn something down like this when Harper Collins calls us and asks us if we want to write a memoir. And just getting that off, we were flattered, and we’re like, hey, we can’t turn this thing down.”

Matt added pointing out that they have a unique story to tell because most books from wrestlers are from wrestlers who were popular in the Attitude Era or earlier. He talked about how they have a unique story because they didn’t go to WWE and took a different path than anyone else.

“I think that our story is very unique as far as wrestler books go,” Matt noted. “I don’t think, really, there’s been a wrestler from our era who’s gotten to tell their story. We’ve all heard kind of the stories from the Attitude Era crop of guys, but we haven’t heard from us. We haven’t heard from the indie boom guys, and our story is very unique in that way.

“The other way that it’s unique is the fact that we never went to the WWE and settled there, and that’s usually where every story ends up. So we took a different path. This is a whole different story about what would happen if some of these guys maybe chose a different path. We even have a chapter in the book called ‘The Road Never Taken’. It’s true because there literally hasn’t been a road ever taken like this, and we’re the first ones.

“We’re the guinea pigs, and I think that’s why we knew we had to write a book about it because we knew what we are experimenting with, this fork in the road — the question was whether to go to WWE or start this new thing, and I remember thinking, God, this is something really worth writing about. And I’m glad that we did it. Like Nick said, it was a labor of love. It was really hard. We had to hustle through it, but now that it’s finished, I can hold it in my hands. Thank God we did it. I’m so proud of it.”

The Young Bucks””Killing The Business: From Backyards To The Big Leagues” is now available for purchase on Amazon and all major book outlets.

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