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Matt Hardy talks about why he returned to TNA and hints at involvement of Reby Hardy and Hardy Compound


Matt Hardy had recently made an appearance as a guest on Busted Open Radio for a detailed interview about all things pro wrestling. During the conversation, he delved into his surprise return at TNA Rebellion 2024 and how it all came together, including the involvement of Reby Hardy (Reby Sky) and the Hardy Compound.

“I had discussions with AEW, and I have to say, I really love AEW,” Hardy shared. “I enjoy working with Tony Khan, he’s a fantastic guy. My contract had expired, and although we hadn’t finalized a deal yet, we were still in talks. In the past week, I’ve spoken to promoters from every wrestling promotion out there. My appearance at TNA Rebellion was a way to show that pro wrestling can still be full of surprises. This all came together in just a couple of days. We started talking about it on Wednesday and by the weekend, it was happening. It was a whirlwind few days, but that’s when pro wrestling is at its best – when it’s unpredictable.”

He went on to discuss the upcoming storyline with Moose and The System, expressing excitement for what lies ahead. “They really drew me in when they offered the opportunity to bring back Broken Matt Hardy and utilize the Hardy Compound. My wife is in great shape and even willing to step into the ring. Our kids, King Maxel and Gotchic Baby, could also be involved. Reby is a social media influencer, particularly popular on TikTok, and I think she could bring a lot of attention to TNA. The idea of featuring my family and making an appearance at the Hardy Compound was what sealed the deal for me.”

When asked about TNA’s pitch for the “BROKEN” Matt Hardy character, he explained, “We discussed it and agreed that bringing back Broken Matt was the way to go. TNA has always been a special place for Broken Matt, as it was where the character truly took off. The fanbase there is open to innovative and unique storytelling, which is different from the more traditional wrestling focus of AEW. I have limited time left in my wrestling career, maybe a few more years, so I want to make the most of it. I want to leave a lasting impact and solidify my legacy, as well as that of my brother. TNA offered me the opportunity to do something fun and creative, especially during my off time.”

Matt emphasized his proactive approach to his career, saying, “I’m not one to wait around for opportunities to come to me. I go out and seize them. I want to contribute as much as possible and make a difference in the wrestling industry, including mentoring the next generation of talent. I want to land where I can have the most impact and continue to grow as a performer.”

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