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Matches taped for the 2021 Tribute to the Troops –


Below are matches that were taped Friday night at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA for the 2021 Tribute to the Troops special.

Tribute to the Troops is reportedly set to air on FOX stations on Sunday, November 14 after the NFL. You will need to check your local listings, as times will vary in different markets.

They handed small America flags to everyone as Smackdown ended.

Lilian Garcia sang the National Anthem as the Marine Corp Color Guard held flags in the aisle.

WWE Champion Big E beat Dolph Ziggler with the Big Ending. Bobby Roode tried attacking E afterwards but got a Big Ending himself.

Bianca Belair beat Liv Mogan. They shook hands and hugged it out afterwards, showing each other respect.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Shinsuke Nakamura closed the show. Towards the end of the match, Rick Boogz started playing his guitar which made the Usos come out and beat him up. Shinsuke went outside and helped Boogz with Roman following right behind him and giving Shinsuke a Superman punch. Roman tossed back inside and delivered a spear for the pin.

Source: PWInsider