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Maryse Talks The Possibility Of A WWE Return


Maryse Talks The Possibility Of A WWE Return

The Miz has been on TV for 20 years now, dating back to his time on MTV’s The Real World in 2001. Of course, after that, he’s became a part of WWE programming, and has now for over 15 years. In recent years, Miz has added to his TV repertoire as he and Maryse star in the USA Network reality show ‘Miz & Mrs.’, which chronicles their lives.

With the handful of movies he’s appeared in and the various shows he’s hosted, you would have to believe The Miz is stretched thin when it comes to life outside of his work. He talked about balancing his career and his family time when he and Maryse joined Notsam Wrestling.

“That’s what you have to do when you are a WWE Superstar. When I’m home, I’m Mike Mizanin; I’m a dad to Monroe and Madison. I am their clown, I am their entertainment all day long,” said Miz.

“Then, once I go to WWE, I guess I’m everyone’s clown. Honestly, you flip it on. There’s a switch that is flipped, and you turn into The Miz. You lock in your focus and you try to figure out what is best for not only what the WWE Universe needs, but what the company needs. You figure that out, and you have one of the best matches that has ever been seen at a WrestleMania in a very long time.”

Miz and Maryse met during Maryse’s first run with the company from 2006-11. She was then released, after which her and Miz got engaged and then got married. After five years away from WWE, Maryse returned in 2016 as her husband’s manager.

He was asked if her return added anything extra to Miz as a performer, and what feeling he has with her by his side.

“When Maryse came back to the WWE, when I was in that Intercontinental Championship run, it created something inside. I don’t know what it is. It’s something about having your wife around the ring. It brings a whole new set of confidence,” revealed Miz. “You have this beautiful woman supporting you, and it gives you this level of confidence that you’re untouchable, that you can’t be scathed in WWE. And having her around definitely made me feel that. That’s 100% correct.”

Maryse gave birth to her and The Miz’s second daughter last September, and she’s made just one WWE appearance since then. As long as Miz is still in WWE, there’s always a possibility that Maryse could show up, and she was asked about possibly making another return.

“The thing about me is that I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I have kids. I have a family.’ Also, when I start getting excited about something, then that becomes something my brain gets busy with. My husband has the Money in the Bank, and WrestleMania might be in Los Angeles. You start adding all of these elements,” teased Maryse. “Also, the fact that I love WWE – I love everything about it. It’s kind of been my family for so long. I don’t think I’ll ever be not back somehow. At some capacity, I always come back.

“I was back on SmackDown. I just had a baby – five months postpartum. I had a match against Brie Bella on SmackDown. We were the main event! If you would have told me that when I was pregnant, I would have started laughing. It’s really hard to say never. We’ll see.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.