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Maryse and The Miz launch production company, two shows being pitched


Maryse and The Miz launch production company, two shows being pitched

Maryse Mizanin, the star of USA Network’s Miz and Mrs., is the gust on this week’s “Oral Sessions with Rene Paquette.”

Maryse talked about awkward first dates, her pregnancy cravings, being part of the WWE Diva Search and not knowing English, and much more.

Maryse was asked to recall speaking in French on the original WWE Diva Search: “I learned my script in Montreal. My friends wrote something for me. I got on the plane. I didn’t learn the whole thing in the plane. It had all the answers that I could possibly use because I didn’t know English. I got to my audition and guess who is sitting there asking questions? It was Mike. We didn’t know each other. This Michael Mizanin, The Miz. I always remembered that I got to my audition on the stage. They had this huge stage with all the lights and tons of people. Mike said, ‘So, tell us about why we should pick you to win this Diva Search?’ I said, ‘Oh, hi. My name is Maryse.’

I started talking and he stopped me. He said, ‘No, we don’t want to have a beauty pageant. We want a real answer. We want something real.’  I thought, oh s**t. Sorry, so, ok, the next round I came back. I guess Mike had that conversation with them in the back. They were like, ‘Well, she doesn’t English.  How are we going to have her work for World Wrestling Entertainment, the biggest entertainment company in the world if she can’t speak English?’  Mike said, ‘Wait. I’m going to ask her when she comes back if she can cut a promo in French.’ So we come back and he asks me, ‘Maryse, can you cut a promo in French to me?’ I got the microphone, went in his face and cut the promo in French. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but he said he was so turned on and scared at the same time. I remember his big blue eyes and ripping him apart.”

Maryse revealed that she and her husband have launched their own production company: “We have our production company, MadRoe Productions, and we are pitching two shows now and that is looking really good.

Renee asked: “Are they shows that would involve you guys or are they something else you guys just want to produce?”

Maryse responded:  “Both.  There is one that is pretty ridiculous.  If you think Miz and Mrs is ridiculous, well wait for that one.”

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