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Liv Morgan On Having WWE Cameras Around For Ups & Downs, The Riott Squad Focused On Gold


Liv Morgan On Having WWE Cameras Around For Ups & Downs, The Riott Squad Focused On Gold

WWE SmackDown Superstar Liv Morgan recently spoke with Alex Biese of The Asbury Park Press to promote her new “Liv Forever” documentary that premieres on the WWE Network this Sunday.

It was noted that the doc chronicles a particularly rough time in Liv’s career, beginning with the 2019 Superstar Shakeup, which saw The Riott Squad split up, with Liv, Ruby Riott and former WWE Superstar Sarah Logan. Liv said the cameras were rolling throughout all of the ups & downs, and it almost felt like therapy.

“As it went on, it almost felt like therapy,” Morgan said. “Every week I would go meet with the awesome crew I was working with and they’re going to talk to me about my life. It ended up being way more real and raw than I thought.”

Morgan and Riott are back together on SmackDown as a different version of The Riott Squad, and looking ahead, she said things feel “completely different” for the team. Morgan said she feels like they have a chance to re-write history. They are focused on winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, currently held by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler of RAW.

“The first time The Riott Squad was around I feel like we disbanded before we were ready. We were just hitting our stride and then it was taken away,” she said. “And so to have the opportunity again, Ruby and I kind of feel like we have a chance to re-write history and to create whatever we want.

“And so we can go at it this time around doing everything that we wished we could have the first time. And so we’re not taking it lightly at all. We know this might be the last time, and so we are completely focused and have our sights set on becoming the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and we just know we have to make the most of it.”