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Latest on Chris Jericho’s status with NJPW


Latest on Chris Jericho’s status with NJPW

Chris Jericho has only been wrestling for AEW due to the COVID-19 pandemic as he hadn’t been able to travel to work in Japan for NJPW as there were travel restrictions in place.

In recent months, that has changed as wrestlers are now allowed to travel to work for the promotion. With Wrestle Kingdom 15 taking place next January, fans have been wondering whether the likes of Jon Moxley, who is the current IWGP US Champion, Kenny Omega, and Jericho could work the show.

Just like Moxley, the reason Jericho won’t be working the shows is due to there being a mandatory quarantine for those who travel outside of the United States. AEW currently holds TV tapings every other week. Thus, they would have to miss two episodes of Dynamite if they worked for Wrestle Kingdom.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that before the pandemic, Jericho did have some matches planned in NJPW. However, now, the belief is that he’s no longer under contract with the promotion. He also added that former NJPW President Harold Meji wasn’t high on bringing Jericho back due to him wanting big money. That has changed under the new management in place.

“There would be a chance you would have Jericho if the situation was different. I know when like Harold Meji was there because of the cost he wasn’t that hot on bringing Jericho back. Jericho….from what I believe does not have a contract with New Japan any longer. I think that’s expired, but with Harold gone I know there was renewed interest in Jericho, but it doesn’t matter now because he couldn’t go. That’s something for down the line. “

Meltzer speculated that Jericho could work an event in the future, perhaps Dominion in 2021.